Who Loves a Good Mystery? The Death of King Ludwig II Reconsidered by a Forensic Economist, Part 4

Half 4. Basic and Medical Proof of Alleged Homicide

Basic Proof of the Alleged Homicide

The official story of the dying of King Ludwig has remained “suicide by drowning.” Constructing upon this premise and the restricted details surrounding the case, the official view states that Ludwig attacked and killed his doctor Professor von Gudden, who had declared the king to be insane. After that, Ludwig killed himself. The declare of madness is essential on this case. Given the assertion of suicide, madness was a crucial situation due to the next: Beneath the regulation of the Catholic Church, Ludwig couldn’t have been buried in of the household crypt at St. Michael’s Church in Munich, which was consecrated floor. Additionally, the sickness of madness would excuse Ludwig within the eyes of the Vatican for the homicide of von Gudden. An identical scenario involving alleged murder-suicide absolved by madness would happen together with his cousin, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria, within the Mayerling Incident of 1889. Nonetheless, that’s one other case.

The allegation of murder-suicide unfolded thusly: In a state of rage, Ludwig murdered the professor after which drowned himself. The post-mortem report signifies that the physique of von Gudden had sustained plenty of accidents to the neck and shoulders. The reason of a murder-suicide by an insane individual neatly suits the scenario of two our bodies discovered floating within the water. Case closed.

Nonetheless, over the previous 130 years, many people and teams have come ahead to assist the choice hypotheses fashioned shortly after the dying of Ludwig. Proof of various high quality has been entered and weighed. The choice speculation of homicide by a 3rd social gathering appears to have come to life with the assertion within the official file that no water was discovered within the lungs of the king. By definition, the presence of water is a crucial situation for dying by drowning.

Medical Proof in Help of the Allegation of Homicide

Given the report of the absence of water within the lungs, allow us to overview some associated medical proof. Professor von Gudden recognized Ludwig as affected by paranoia, a situation that will be categorised as schizophrenia at present. Von Gudden made this prognosis and not using a correct examination of his affected person. An extra three concurring physicians signed off with out every other examinations being made.

Professor von Gudden additionally recognized Prince Otto as having hereditary madness. Historical past tells us that Prince Otto had risen by means of the ranks to Colonel within the Bavarian Military earlier than being severely injured on the battlefield. Given the signs exhibited by Otto, fashionable medication in all probability would diagnose his situation as Submit Traumatic Stress Dysfunction (PTSD). In each instances, it stays questionable if any correct examination may have been made. We remind our readers that Austrian neurologist Sigismund Freud, broadly thought of the Father of Psychoanalysis, didn’t end his habilitation (much like finishing a analysis Ph.D.) till 1885. At finest, psychiatry was in utero on the time of the depositions of Ludwig and Otto.

Latest medical proof additionally suggests one thing totally different for Ludwig. Evidently he suffered from a type of meningitis and was removed from being insane. Moreover, these assertions are supported within the official post-mortem report, which mentions a frontotemporal lobar degeneration. This situation means that Ludwig suffered from what is called Choose’s Illness, a uncommon neurodegenerative dysfunction that causes progressive destruction of nerve cells within the mind and is accompanied by signs that embrace dementia and lack of language.