If You Don’t Believe in Hand Washing, Go Lick a Door Knob!

Imagine it or not, there are folks on the market who keep away from hand washing as a result of they suppose that soiled palms will end in a more healthy you! These folks really feel that in our obsession to keep away from germs, our our bodies is not going to construct up antibodies to fight numerous illnesses. With that form of angle, possibly folks opposed at hand washing ought to contemplate licking door knobs!

To begin with, we are going to by no means keep away from all of the germs and microbes which are on the market. You would need to dunk a human being in a vat of Clorox to take away 99 % of all these microscopic hitch-hikers. ( I’d be prepared to wager there would nonetheless be various survivors.) Our our bodies are lined with microbes each good and unhealthy. A wholesome individual is probably going to not develop into unwell from these germs.

Our our bodies construct immunity to sure microbes in the middle of our every day lives. That doesn’t imply that we must always welcome each germ on the market with unwashed palms. If you happen to contact a flu bug out of your unwashed palms you could construct immunity to that exact flu bug. Sadly, there are numerous numbers of flu bugs. A flu bug can mutate earlier than it will get to the tip of the block the place you reside and now you’ve gotten a very totally different flu bug!

Individuals who consider that soiled palms will make them more healthy in the long term ought to contemplate that mutating flu germ. An individual might be unwell day by day of the yr with a distinct pressure of the flu germ and the antibodies created alongside the best way would not forestall them from getting sick. Up to now, we now have solely talked about one form of germ discovered on soiled palms, now let’s check out a door knob.

If you happen to truly licked a door knob, one thing I do not advocate, you’d are available contact with all method of germs. There are estimates that hundreds of thousands of germs reside on door knobs! For the non-believers of hand washing, a door knob is a germ bonanza. Merely lick that doorknob and begin constructing antibodies. (Don’t be concerned about getting lethal unwell within the course of.)

So what are a number of the microbes discovered on a door knob? Listed here are just some to make non-believers contemplate washing their palms:

Streptococcus- there are numerous strains of Streptococcus and a few strains may cause meningitis, pneumonia, and flesh consuming strains as nicely. (Nonetheless wish to lick that door knob?)

Staphylococcus- this germ is just not as lethal and is usually discovered on our personal pores and skin. Nonetheless, there are some strains that trigger severe pores and skin infections in addition to meals poisoning. (Are your palms beginning to itch?)

E-coli- The E-coli germ has a break up persona. Many types of this germ are innocent and reside within the human digestive system and assist within the digestive course of. Different varieties are could be lethal inflicting diarrhea, meningitis, urinary tract infections, mastitis and pneumonia.

Salmonella- This explicit bacterium is fascinating in that it may be transferred between people and animals. Salmonella is the main reason for meals poisoning and extreme circumstances of diarrhea.

I simply recognized 4 of the hundreds of thousands of germs that may be discovered on a typical door knob. You possibly can wager that there are numerous extra which are sitting there ready to contaminate you. In case you are an individual who believes that soiled palms can result in good well being, I want you nicely. I merely do not want to shake your hand or share a bag of popcorn with you. And actually, do not even take into consideration licking a door knob!